Beer, Epic Sessions and Fake News..

This is an exciting year at MMS for us, read on to find out why..

Again, with thanks to the awesome organisers of MMS, we’re honoured to be presenting the very latest demo-packed presentations in the following topics:

Return of the Wall of Fire – Live build of 100 Windows 10 Machines over a WAN

This is a demo-heavy session bringing together Open Source HTTP Network booting, all Microsoft P2P tech, some free tools, crossed fingers and many sacrifices to the demo gods. But it will be epic, culminating in a Rapid OSD fiesta. Take home the tools and do it yourself and impress your friends! STOP PRESS: Thanks to Mr Johan Arwidmark and his mighty travelling datacenter – there might be ‘quite a lot’ of machines in this demo. It’s going to be epic!
P2P2P2P – Making the most of Peer 2 Peer Tech in ConfigMgr CB

Covering Peer Cache Best Practices/BranchCache Integration/Dashboards – the whole 9 yards. How to configure your boundaries for Peer Cache, potential gotchas, how to optimize your deployments to ensure maximum Peering, and how to measure success with some OOB and snazzy Custom Reports and dashboards.
Everything you Ever Wanted To Know About BITS, BranchCache, Peer Cache and Delivery Optimization – but were afraid to ask!

BranchCache is more popular than ever with the ever growing content that we need to shovel around our networks. Delivery Optimization (DO) is creeping up from behind. Learn how to setup, measure, track and optimize this awesome P2P tech. Free tools galore to help you. Bring your most challenging questions – if we can’t answer a BITS, BranchCache or DO question you win a beer token!

My Favorite Swedish Knitting Patterns

Did you know that Andreas 2Pint used to be Swedish All Regions Knitting Champion until a tragic mishap with a size 10 needle left him permanently ‘wool averse’? He has recently decided to start making some new patterns however, so be prepared for the comeback kid!

*one of the above sessions is fake. See if you can guess which one!

There Had To Be Beer


This year, joins us on the Sunday (14th) for a tour of the awesome Surly Brewery. Fear not if the tour itself is booked up – you can still join us for a pint or Two in the bar and sample some excellent beers in top class company (and us)!

But Wait! Don’t Leave Too Early On Friday!

Yes, this year for the first time – we’re hosting an informal ‘2Pint Friday’ event at the Radissson Blu on Friday 19th May from 7:30a.m onwards For those attendees who haven’t yet headed home, there’s a chance to come and talk to us, see some amazing demos and find out a bit more about how we make Microsoft Peer 2 Peer and HTTP Network Booting tech sing and dance.

StifleR – We will be demo-ing the latest release of StifleR which includes support for ConfigMgr Peer Cache, Windows Delivery Optimization alongside good old BranchCache. New Dashboards, more control, faster deployments!

iPXE Anywhere – Come and see how you can PXE boot all your ConfigMgr estate from a single PSP across LANs, WANs and more. Network Booting for the 21st Century. Some exciting and really cool stuff that we will announce nearer the time (i.e when we get it working) too!

More details to follow..