Did you know that it is possible to view your BranchCache traffic and performance in real-time and even interact with it? Without a doubt BranchCache is a superior technology. Unfortunately, you cannot glean a lot of information about what it’s doing on your network out of the box. You would need to know where to go in order to find the different statistics you want. That’s where the shiny folks at 2Pint Software come in! We created a helpful command line tool to give you insight into what BranchCache is doing for you. For more information about BCMon including a download link, please click here.

Here are 5 cool features about BCMon:

  1. It will show you BranchCache retrieval from a BITS job in real-time
  2. Show BranchCache performance counters
  3. Analyze the BITS eventlog
  4. Send/retrieve BranchCache probes
  5. Verify the BranchCache hashes on your DPs