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During his 20 year career in desktop deployment he has become a leading expert in designing and implementing Microsoft based system management solutions. He has been responsible for deploying an impressive 1.2 million desktops at a wide range of organizations, including several Fortune 500 companies. Since the release of the SMS 2003 OS Deployment Feature Pack, he has developed significant experience implementing 100% automated deployment solutions with ConfigMgr. Now it’s all about BranchCache and making networks go faster.

BCMon 1.3

Release, get your version here: https://2pintsoftware.com/products/branchcache-monitor/ 

This tool supports several new command line options, listed below is the full list of switches:
Query BranchCache service status :
        BCMon.exe /Status
Query BranchCache availability from local CI file :
        BCMon.exe /QueryV2CI <path>
BCMon.exe /QueryV1CI <path>
You can use /DownloadCIFrom… to download a CI.
Query/Request/Inject data into BranchCache to test communication between clients.

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StifleR 2.6.1 Release information

The 2.6.1 release is the last release (apart from bug fixes) that uses the old Networking models. New releases will use the new Network Topology design.

List of Client Changes:

415 Bug \Client\Networking BITS process name not populated properly.
499 Bug \Client Wifi devices on 802.11ac reports in wrongly and is not associated with the correct device type.
500 Task \Client StifleR reports […]

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StifleR 2.6.0 Release information

The StifleR 2.6.0 release is a major release towards an updated UI and a reworked networking layer. Minor changes on the client.

List of client changes:

ID Work Item Type Area Path Title
325 Bug \Client Can’t create subnets manually from dashboard
354 Bug \Client Delivery Optimization Download Mode and GroupID values not set correctly
395 Task \Client Changed queue logic for improved messaging size
397 Bug \Client\Networking WellConnected not set […]

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StifleR Server & Client 2.3.4 release notes

Please find the list of changes in

ID Work Item Type Title
237 Bug Clicking on the Task Sequence ID in the Task Sequence List throws back to the Main Splash page
300 Bug OSD Clients listed as V1 Clients for 5 minutes when in WinPE
330 Bug Beacon Server Uninstall/Install fails on Server
332 Bug Subnet Property ‘MMCServer’ – rename to ‘MCCServer’
338 Bug DO Subnet […]

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StifleR Server 2.5.7 Release Notes

Please find the list of changes:

ID Item Type Title
190 Bug LEDBATTargetBandwidth gets added to existing TargetBandwidth
192 Bug Subnet Dashboard not updating Target Bandwidth
231 Bug Unable to remove DOGroupID
309 Bug Child subnet speed calculation not working as expected during download
310 Bug StifleR Client don’t work on Windows Server 2016
312 Bug Set target bandwidth by % does not show correctly in Chrome and Microsoft Edge
314 User Story Improved Beacon […]

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New features in StifleR 2.3

There are a lot of new features in the StifleR 2.0 generation. The 2.3 release is the first public release that covers this major overhaul. There are several new aspects that are not part of StifleR, and this release will be the foundation of many new features.

The biggest change is that we now store data […]

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When to downgrade BranchCache clients and how?

The other day I was asked to clarify when to use which of the two hashing versions in BranchCache, so thought I would write it all down in one place for future reference.

To give a bit of background. BranchCache comes in two version; V1 that came with Windows 7/Vista and V2 that came with Windows […]

Good questions about BranchCache hashing and caching

So over the weekend, there were some good questions from my coworker Ami’s husband, so I thought I would publish them in a kinda FAQ/rant way, hoping that it will benefit more people to understand the inner workings of BranchCache and how it integrates with file de-duplication that was incorporated in Windows Server 2012. Enjoy.

Question: […]

Peer-to-peer’s big brother: Peer-to-Server & Server-to-Peer (P2S2P) aka MS-PCHC

So recently there was a Twitter discussion that sparked my interest, it was about a very common scenario that we have been discussing with our customers over the last few years. The scenario is the following: 

Customer with a large (or small) number of remote offices with SCCM Distribution Points in them currently. 

They are […]

2Pint Software and CTGlobal are going to visualize the entire IT infrastructure!

Visualization is the key to providing better insight into a company’s IT infrastructure, thus leading to a more efficient business focusing on flexibility and better security.

2Pint Software has partnered with CTGlobal that ensures integration between the software solutions of the companies. The partnership will also give 2Pint Software customers access to the best technical resources […]

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