BCMon 1.3

Release, get your version here: https://2pintsoftware.com/products/branchcache-monitor/ 

This tool supports several new command line options, listed below is the full list of switches:
Query BranchCache service status :
        BCMon.exe /Status
Query BranchCache availability from local CI file :
        BCMon.exe /QueryV2CI <path>
BCMon.exe /QueryV1CI <path>
You can use /DownloadCIFrom… to download a CI.
Query/Request/Inject data into BranchCache to test communication between clients.

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Windows Delivery Optimization Content Gets Sticky in 1903

With a new Windows 10 release  (1903) on the horizon, it’s always a good time to check for new stuff in you favourite tech. In our case that means checking in with Delivery Optimization to see if there are any new goodies in there. This time we weren’t disappointed 🙂
So into PowerShell land, and a […]

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UPDATED: Configure BranchCache Using ConfigMgr CIs

 UPDATED!: In our unceasing quest to get the world BranchCache-ing , we’re constantly looking at new ways to make it as easy as possible to get going. This CI has been downloaded an used a ton of times – but this version is streamlined! Just 2 settings, and unlike the first […]

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UEFI 2.5+ hardware starts to ship – HTTP PXE Coming

New servers that support Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) 2.5 and above are now shipping. UEFI is an industry standard that is a set of interfaces between the system firmware, the operating system, and various components of the system firmware that deliver enhanced benefits.HTTP Boot is a client-server communication […]

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DHCP & PXE Test Client – In PowerShell – WTF!

Had a thought the other day, why do I have to keep PXE booting these devices just to see what file name and other options, if any, I would get from my DHCP, proxyDHCP or IP Relay/Forwarding devices. Surely there must be a PowerShell script that lets you do that? Well there wasn’t. I did find […]

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Powershell BITS & BranchCache Scripts from Ignite 2016

So really behind on the blogging of things, first out is the requested scripts from Ignite 2016.

Get the binary output of a Content Identifier

How do you get the binary output from a downloaded hash using PowerShell. This works for any file and is a great ‘poor mans hex editor’

#Get the hash
Get-Content "C:\SomePath\my.ci" [...]

Working With Encrypted Hard Drives – The Long Winding Story

This blog covers the settings and changes needed to be done in order to achieve a single image of Windows XP deployment both for Encrypted hard drives and Un-encrypted ones with a single image. Interestingly enough this has been one of the most requested blog posts that I have ever written. And altough the blog covers […]

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