UPDATED: Configure BranchCache Using ConfigMgr CIs

 UPDATED!: In our unceasing quest to get the world BranchCache-ing , we’re constantly looking at new ways to make it as easy as possible to get going. This CI has been downloaded an used a ton of times – but this version is streamlined! Just 2 settings, and unlike the first […]

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UEFI 2.5+ hardware starts to ship – HTTP PXE Coming

New servers that support Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) 2.5 and above are now shipping. UEFI is an industry standard that is a set of interfaces between the system firmware, the operating system, and various components of the system firmware that deliver enhanced benefits.HTTP Boot is a client-server communication […]

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DHCP & PXE Test Client – In PowerShell – WTF!

Had a thought the other day, why do I have to keep PXE booting these devices just to see what file name and other options, if any, I would get from my DHCP, proxyDHCP or IP Relay/Forwarding devices. Surely there must be a PowerShell script that lets you do that? Well there wasn’t. I did find […]

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Powershell BITS & BranchCache Scripts from Ignite 2016

So really behind on the blogging of things, first out is the requested scripts from Ignite 2016.

Get the binary output of a Content Identifier

How do you get the binary output from a downloaded hash using PowerShell. This works for any file and is a great ‘poor mans hex editor’

#Get the hash
Get-Content "C:\SomePath\my.ci" [...]

Working With Encrypted Hard Drives – The Long Winding Story

This blog covers the settings and changes needed to be done in order to achieve a single image of Windows XP deployment both for Encrypted hard drives and Un-encrypted ones with a single image. Interestingly enough this has been one of the most requested blog posts that I have ever written. And altough the blog covers […]

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