10 02, 2020

StifleR Server & Client 2.3.4 release notes

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Please find the list of changes in

ID Work Item Type Title
237 Bug Clicking on the Task Sequence ID in the Task Sequence List throws back to the Main Splash page
300 Bug OSD Clients listed as V1 Clients for 5 minutes when in WinPE
330 Bug Beacon Server Uninstall/Install fails on Server
332 Bug Subnet Property ‘MMCServer’ – rename to ‘MCCServer’
338 Bug DO Subnet […]

10 02, 2020

StifleR Server 2.5.7 Release Notes

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Please find the list of changes:

ID Item Type Title
190 Bug LEDBATTargetBandwidth gets added to existing TargetBandwidth
192 Bug Subnet Dashboard not updating Target Bandwidth
231 Bug Unable to remove DOGroupID
309 Bug Child subnet speed calculation not working as expected during download
310 Bug StifleR Client don’t work on Windows Server 2016
312 Bug Set target bandwidth by % does not show correctly in Chrome and Microsoft Edge
314 User Story Improved Beacon […]

23 12, 2019

Testing Multiple Subnets for BranchCache support

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Testing Multiple Subnets for BranchCache support

This post is for testing if your network is correctly configured for BranchCache. Now, if you are already using our StifleR product, it’s agent already does that for you. So this post is for you who just want to get BranchCache operational using nothing but ConfigMgr and a bit of […]

21 12, 2019

Planning for BranchCache

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In a ConfigMgr environment, when planning on removing remote distribution and replace them with BranchCache, there are quite many things to consider. For example, not all networks are suitable for the default BranchCache settings, and some networks are downright being blocked for it. To make things worse, it’s often you, the ConfigMgr admin, that have […]

20 12, 2019

The 12 BranchCache tips of ConfigMas

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The 12 BranchCache tips of ConfigMas

  1. Enable data deduplication on your content library. Dedup precalculates the hash (no hash = no P2P). Also means that you’ll get dedup savings over the wire because you’re using the dedup hash algorithm BEFORE P2P kicks in (you’re transferring already deduped content). If you distribute content from a deduped […]
7 12, 2019

BranchCache Operation Explained

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We are always trying to simplify the anatomy of a BranchCache job so that IT pros can implement it with confidence knowing how it works.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but fortunately for all of us there aren’t that many on this infographic.

Basics of a […]

3 12, 2019

ConfigMas 2019

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Happy ConfigMas. We partnered with FWSMUG user group to bring you a month long celebration of all things Microsoft Endpoint Manager. During the month we will cover topics like new ConfigMgr features, OS deployment, troubleshooting, servicing, and more. Bookmark this link to follow along.

Day 24
Video: Microsoft Connected Cache

23 09, 2019

New features in StifleR 2.3

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There are a lot of new features in the StifleR 2.0 generation. The 2.3 release is the first public release that covers this major overhaul. There are several new aspects that are not part of StifleR, and this release will be the foundation of many new features.

The biggest change is that we now store data […]

20 03, 2019

Windows Delivery Optimization Content Gets Sticky in 1903

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With a new Windows 10 release  (1903) on the horizon, it’s always a good time to check for new stuff in you favourite tech. In our case that means checking in with Delivery Optimization to see if there are any new goodies in there. This time we weren’t disappointed 🙂
So into PowerShell land, and a […]

10 03, 2019

When to downgrade BranchCache clients and how?

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The other day I was asked to clarify when to use which of the two hashing versions in BranchCache, so thought I would write it all down in one place for future reference.

To give a bit of background. BranchCache comes in two version; V1 that came with Windows 7/Vista and V2 that came with Windows […]