20 02, 2017

2Pint At The Midwest Management Summit (MMSMOA) 2017

By | February 20th, 2017|Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS), BranchCache, Delivery Optimization, Peer Cache, Windows 10, WinPE|0 Comments

Beer, Epic Sessions and Fake News..

This is an exciting year at MMS for us, read on to find out why..

Again, with thanks to the awesome organisers of MMS, we’re honoured to be presenting the very latest demo-packed presentations in the following topics:

Return […]

20 02, 2017

ConfigMgr Peer Cache – Notes from the Field

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Well, a few fields, not necessarily our own fields…

OK now listen up!

Quite a few of you lovely folks have been playing with the new ConfigMgr Peer Cache feature in your labs. Unfortunately, it  seems, that even in this day and age, your Lab happens to contain ALL your production […]

6 02, 2017

Simple Powershell Script To Control Boots from Separate ConfigMgr Servers

By | February 6th, 2017|Automation, BranchCache, iPXE|0 Comments

This is a simple Little script used to demonstrate how easy it is to script and play around with advanced feature in the iPXE Anywhere web service.

Basically we have two separate primary servers, but we want to be able to PXE boot from both of them, and choose at deployment time which one to boot […]

1 02, 2017

New Delivery Optimization Policies for Windows 1703

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So, just a quick update – things move fast in the P2P world! I wrote about the new Group Policy Options for Delivery Optimization in Windows 10 a while back. Well with the latest release of Policies for Windows 10 1703/Server 2016 comes a few more Options for DO.

These new policies simply give […]

26 01, 2017

Powershell BITS & BranchCache Scripts from Ignite 2016

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So really behind on the blogging of things, first out is the requested scripts from Ignite 2016.

Get the binary output of a Content Identifier

How do you get the binary output from a downloaded hash using PowerShell. This works for any file and is a great ‘poor mans hex editor’

#Get the hash
Get-Content "C:\SomePath\my.ci" [...]

21 11, 2016

Peer Cache in ConfigMgr Current Branch (1610) – First Impressions

By | November 21st, 2016|Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS), BranchCache, Peer Cache, StifleR|2 Comments

OK, time for a whistle-stop tour of the new Peer Cache feature in ConfigMgr 1610 (CB) I say new, as this is the first release to feature the P2P tech in ‘almost Production ready’ form. It did pop up in various Tech Previews, but there’s been quite a few […]