Microsoft ConfigMgr shiny new CB releases – dontcha just love ’em! This month’s release (1802) contained a TON of exciting new features and improvements – but here at 2Pint we like to hack away under the hood and see just what else those cheeky CM devs have been up to.
 So here’s a wee update on the BranchCache side of things that I discovered today – which is actually quite epic. Previously BranchCache had to be enabled on your clients, Distribution Points AND then enabled on a ‘Per Deployment’ basis. This was a little frustrating because it involves checking a box as you go through the Deployment Wizard (in the case of Package/Programs) – Or checking a box on an Application Deployment Type properties like this:
In the ConfigMgr 1802 release – the checkboxes are simply ‘gone’. Which makes complete sense – as turning on BranchCache in the deployment by default has zero impact if BranchCache is NOT enabled. If it is enabled on the client (and DP), it will always be used. So good news for the network – and great news for ConfigMgr Admins who don’t need to remember to check them pesky boxes any more. We like this feature so much we have named it – BranchCache Always On mode. And here it is..


In summary – what a great tweak this is! Anything that can make the Admin’s life easier and increase the success of Microsoft P2P tech in ConfigMgr is peachy by us. Can’t wait to see this in production. AND as if that wasn’t enough – it looks like BranchCache for Policy and other Management Point traffic as per this previous article is back on too 🙂
UPDATE 8/8/18:
Be aware that any Package/Program Deployments and Apps etc created BEFORE you upgraded to 1802 that were not BranchCache enabled will not be  Auto-enabled during the upgrade. Just saying..

Happy Caching y’all

Phil 2Pint