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feels like a good time to group together some recent BranchCache resources, given all the recent activity in BranchCache-land! For those of you who have been asleep at the wheel, or trapped in an elevator doe the last 6 months, Microsoft has suddenly woken up and decided that P2P in general is useful (beed kinda trying to tell you that ourselves d’oh), and that BranchCache in particular is probably most useful at this time. Also in the P2P news? Delivery Optimization as a P2P tech is coming up on the outside with recent advances and some nice info on how to control it, although ConfigMgr Peer Cache is yet to be seen in production – hopefully making a re-appearance soon in a build near you. Read on for all the good stuff..

Configure Delivery Optimization for Windows 10 updates

Configure BranchCache for Windows 10 updates

On the 2Pint side of things, Andreas 2Pint was at Ignite spouting off about BranchCache in a Deep-dive session which has now had a ton of hits and is a must see movie if you’re serious about BranchCache. We also trotted of to IT/Dev Connections to blather on about iPXE/BranchCache and Peer Cache.

Nice session from Mr Niehaus too – Reduce the Impact of Windows Feature and Quality Updates using Peer-to-Peer

We also managed to push out a couple of free tools for BranchCache which are pretty nice, along with a new admin guide which you can download and follow to get you all singing and dancing with BranchCache over http in ‘Distributed Mode’ – which is really what you need for your content distribution (ConfigMgr etc). If you’re an Altiris user, SMB guidance is coming soon!

BranchCache Command line Tool – Exposes a lot of the BranchCache API from the cmd line – SUPER powerful stuff!

BranchCache Hash Verification Tool – Even has a GUI! Great for testing BranchCache on the server side, remember, no hash = no data!

Administrators Guide To BranchCache in Distributed Mode – The 2Pint Bible Chapter One!

that’s all for now – Happy BranchCaching!

Phil 2Pint