Happy ConfigMas. We partnered with FWSMUG user group to bring you a month long celebration of all things Microsoft Endpoint Manager. During the month we will cover topics like new ConfigMgr features, OS deployment, troubleshooting, servicing, and more. Bookmark this link to follow along.

Day 24
Video: Microsoft Connected Cache

Day 23
Blog Post: Testing Multiple Subnets for BranchCache support

Day 22
Blog Post: Finding affordable hardware for your ConfigMgr lab

Day 21
Blog Post: Planning for BranchCache

Day 20
Blog Post: Back to Basics – ConfigMgr Distribution Points and Boundaries

Day 19
Blog Post: The 12 BranchCache tips of ConfigMas

Day 18
Video: Favorite features in TP 1912

Day 17
Blog Post: 2019 Community Jewels

Day 16
Video: Delivery Optimization Highlights

Day 15
Blog post: Using OSD Builder to Create a Multi-Language Windows 10 Image

Day 14

Blog post: A Practical Guide to ConfigMgr Operations

Day 13
Video: Peer Cache

Day 12
Video: ConfigMgr State of the Union – Part 2 (1906)

Day 11
Video: ConfigMgr State of the Union 2019 – Part 1 (1902)

Day 10
Video: ConfigMgr OSD Troubleshooting

Day 9
Video: MDT Lite Touch troubleshooting

Day 8
Blog post: A Holistic Approach to ConfigMgr Client Health

Day 7
Blog post: BranchCache operation explained

Day 6
Video: All about drivers

Day 5
Video: Windows 10 servicing plans vs task sequences

Day 4
Video: Discussing Johan’s hydration kit (and other lab basics)

Day 3
Video: OSD Improvements in MEMCM 1910

Day 2
Video: Discussing the rebranding as well as upgrade tips

Day 1
Blog post: A real world guide for upgrading to ConfigMgr 1910