Microsoft Configuration Manager and Express Updates Deep Dive


TL:DR Version: Windows 10 Express Updates in ConfigMgr are better than they used to be, confusing as heck sometimes, don’t always work as advertised, but may just finally be useable! This is a test of functionality in CM1802 – using BranchCache, Peer Cache and Delivery Optimization.

Here Again?

There’s been a lot of chatter recently in the […]

Use Powershell to DeDupe everything on a volume right now!

Another Friday QuickScript..

We’ve been testing BranchCache with DeDupe a LOT over the last couple of weeks, and if you absolutely, positively got to dedupe every mother!*?$%£&  file in the room…accept no substitutes!

I think I ‘borrowed’ various bits of this from here and thanks to those out there who were less lazy than me and actually […]

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