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  • Create Date August 8, 2018
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Enable BranchCache for Apps/Packages/Software Updates

Script to retrospectively enable BranchCache on Packages/Applications and Software Updates

-Major Update 27/07/2019 with thanks again to Johan and Jordan from TrueSec!

  • Now they all use the same syntax, and you only have to specify -SiteServer as parameter. The scripts figures out the rest
  • They all have standardized ConfigMgr format logging
  • They all have a progress bar (useful when having 400+ apps)
  • They only care about deployments for packages and apps that actually have content (really hard to BranchCache stuff without content)
  • They support Gather/Enable/Disable of BranchCache. Default is just gather info
  • If using the -AppName or -PackageName switches, they only run for the specified app/package. Also supports wild cards of course.

- UPDATED 12/06/2019 with thx to Johan Arwidmark - added an extra script to check Apps, also deals with Apps that have no deployment type.

- UPDATED 14/08/2018 to include Software Update ADRs -

BranchCache is now 'Always on' as of ConfigMgr BC1802. We blogged about that here - https://2pintsoftware.com/branchcache-always-on/

And it's described in the CM Docs -

"Starting in version 1802, Windows BranchCache is always enabled on clients. The setting to Allow clients to share content with other clients on the same subnet is removed. Clients use BranchCache if the distribution point supports it."

But..that only applies to new deployments created after the 1802 upgrade

any Package/Program Deployments and Apps or Update  deployments etc created BEFORE you upgraded to 1802 that were not BranchCache enabled will not be  Auto-enabled during the upgrade.  So if you suddenly decided to use BranchCache - you have to manually enable those older pre-1802 deployments. Lucky for you we have a few scripts to make it a super easy one-off operation.

See the PowerShell scripts in this download for more details! There are scripts to check the current status of your deployments, and remediation scripts to help you BranchCache all the things if you need to. Please note that all the scripts have been renamed as text files to avoid silly malware detection software 🙂

Important Note: If you update a ton of deployments - ConfigMgr is gonna notice! Policies will be updated etc.  I haven't seen any major impact, but as ever - test first, and use at your own risk!

Thanks to @CodyMathis123 for helping to test this today!


Phil 2Pint