Sometime when you are playing around with Windows Deployment Services (WDS)  you want to see the real stuff, the debug logs. But where are they? Calm down, 2Pint will explain. Fire up the Computer Management console (compmgmt.msc or the eventvwr.msc) and navigate to the Application and Services Logs. Right-click the Microsoft folder item, under view select the “Show Analytic and Debug Logs”. The screen will flicker for a while as the logs are loaded, there are a lot of them. Then, in order to show the logs the easiest is to restart the console. If not, then do a series of F5 and close up the tree and try to access the logs.

Enable the logging:

Then you navigate down to the “Deployment-Services-Diagnostics” log. Select the log you want to enable and right click it an select “Enable Log”.

Once you are done sniffing around, like here looking at the tftp serving out the wdsmgfw.efi, right click the log and choose “Disable Log”.

Jobe Done!