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      we have a 2012 R2 failover cluster in our main office. We already use dedup featue with this fileservers and this is working fine. Some basic questions now:

      With dedup enabled drives hashes should already be generated (bc for netwok files installed). Do I have to install BC “Feature” for SMB distributed mode (no hosted Cache Server in branch Office)?

      Do I have to set the gpo for hash publication (LANMAN GPO’s)? Are V1 and V2 hashes automatically generated? We still have some Win7 clients in our branch offices.

      Do we need a DC/AD Site for this branch offices? We would like to get rid of any servers in this branch offices.

      Is BC only a feature to accelerate downloads/file readings. What is with write process of localy cached accessed file. Is this happening in local cache or always on content server via WAN access? We have CAD programs which is writing (autosave) ever Minute. Is BC a working solution for this Scenario?

      Thaks in advance

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