BCMon 1.3

Release, get your version here: https://2pintsoftware.com/products/branchcache-monitor/ 

This tool supports several new command line options, listed below is the full list of switches:
Query BranchCache service status :
        BCMon.exe /Status
Query BranchCache availability from local CI file :
        BCMon.exe /QueryV2CI <path>
BCMon.exe /QueryV1CI <path>
You can use /DownloadCIFrom… to download a CI.
Query/Request/Inject data into BranchCache to test communication between clients.

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Planning for BranchCache

In a ConfigMgr environment, when planning on removing remote distribution and replace them with BranchCache, there are quite many things to consider. For example, not all networks are suitable for the default BranchCache settings, and some networks are downright being blocked for it. To make things worse, it’s often you, the ConfigMgr admin, that have […]

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The 12 BranchCache tips of ConfigMas

The 12 BranchCache tips of ConfigMas

  1. Enable data deduplication on your content library. Dedup precalculates the hash (no hash = no P2P). Also means that you’ll get dedup savings over the wire because you’re using the dedup hash algorithm BEFORE P2P kicks in (you’re transferring already deduped content). If you distribute content from a deduped […]
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ConfigMas 2019

Happy ConfigMas. We partnered with FWSMUG user group to bring you a month long celebration of all things Microsoft Endpoint Manager. During the month we will cover topics like new ConfigMgr features, OS deployment, troubleshooting, servicing, and more. Bookmark this link to follow along.

Day 24
Video: Microsoft Connected Cache

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New BranchCache Reporter Release

More New Free Software!?

So yeah we been busy Bees this week! Hot on the heels of our iPXE Anywhere release comes a MAJOR revamp and release of our popular (and still FREE) BITS/BranchCache Reporting tools. Well […]

Updated BranchCache for OSD 1.4

We have just updated the BranchCache for OSD download with the latest 1.4 version!

The following items have been added in this release:

  1. Support for localized images
  2. Support for N media types
  3. Support for Education media
  4. Updated binaries for iPXE Anywhere
  5. Bugs from iPXE media Solved
  6. Improved Support for custom BranchCache port
  7. Updated Sample TS for enabling BranchCache on a custom […]

Viva La Nordics – We Are @ NICCONF

Long time without any news, AGAIN! But we promise, we have been doing “stuff”, promise. We just cant talk about it, just yet.

We have been busy indeed coding some new things, and busy dealing with replacing some old crap out. Some of the things it’s too early to talk about, but some we will release […]

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In Case You Missed It – We Are @ Midwest Management Summit

Long time without any news! Too long, we been busy sprouting out babies and new products.

First off, the 2Pint Team was joined by a baby girl on the 22nd of October, so things have been a little hectic after that.

We have also been busy coding some new things, which we will release to the public […]

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Updated BranchCache for OSD 1.2

We have just updated the BranchCache for OSD download with the latest 1.2 version!

Woah, just weeks after the 1.1 relase we got the new 1.2 version. Its like Xmas all over again!

The following items have been added in this release:

1. Support for multiple Network Access Accounts, we start with account 001 and […]