A wee while back when Windows 10 was shiny and new,  I reported on the woes of the Delivery Optimization service and lack of configurable options for it. Well, it’s always nice to report progress right?
The new Group Policy templates for Windows 10 Anniversary edition reveal a more comprehensive set of GPO items that let you kick the Delivery Optimization service into some kind of agreeable shape..so without further fluff and ado – here they are.

Ye Olde DO Service GPO


All New and Improved Version


As you can see there are some handy new options in there, particularly around controlling download bandwidth, managing cache size etc. Here’s a brief explanation of some of the new policies.

GroupID – Interesting option, as it lets you configure a group of machines, say at a remote branch office, with a common ID (must be a GUID) so that they will only peer amongst themselves.

Maximum Download Bandwidth (in KB/s) – Yeah, this should have been here on day one dude! ‘Bout time. Set this in KiloBytes/Sec.

Maximum Download Bandwidth (Percentage) – You can specify a % value that the DO service will use across all downloads. This is a % of ‘available bandwidth’ – which is an elusive beast to calculate in itself 🙂

Absolute Max Cache Size (in GB) – This overrides the Max Cache Size setting which is a percentage value, so you can set a max size in GB. If you set this to Zero it will grow until the disk gets low on space.

Minimum Background QoS (in KB/s) – Used when you are downloading from a mix of sources (blending in DO terms) so, HTTP from the cloud and local peers for instance. It ensures that a minimum speed is maintained by supplementing the http download with peer transfers. I think.

Modify Cache Drive – Does wot it says. You can use environment variables or drive letter or full path.

Monthly Upload Cap – One for home users, but if you participate in the full internet peering option here you can at least set a limit.


In summary – great to see these new options as they have been long requested by customers. Finally, the DO service looks a bit more ‘grown up’ , like its big Brother – BranchCache.

Now, if only there was a public API for this stuff,  and/or a way to easily test it I’d be happy! ..no pleasing some folks..


That’s all for now, as it’s Saturday and I have much better things to do than do Microsoft Marketing’s job for them 🙂 Time for a Pint!

Happy Downloading

Phil 2Pint