Microsoft BranchCache can be a tricky fellow. The following is a guide to the resources that are available to help you to plan, deploy, and get the best from it. If a link’s broken- please shout up. If there’s some cool info that we don’t include here – shout up!


Microsoft Resources

- Please note that these links are subject to change like anything on the interweb! We've split these links into the earlier versions of Microsoft BranchCache (V1.0) and later (V2.0). Follow the track according to your current OS Versions. If you have a mixed environment - read em all!

2Pint Resources

- Here's our own links. Keep checking back as we're adding stuff all the time. Well, when we can be bothered..

     NEW! Administrators Guide to BranchCache (Distributed Mode)

     NEW! BranchCache Test Tool

     NEW! BranchCache Hash Verification/Test Tool

  2Pint BranchCache Forums – Ask your tricky BranchCache questions here!

  HashiBashi – Our Free BranchCache Hash checker tool

BranchCache Bob's BranchCache Videos

- Bob's personal collection. Keep checking back as he's adding stuff all the time. Well, when he can be bothered..

Implementing BranchCache Group Policy Objects

This touching piece shows how to set up the GroupPolicy Objects to get BranchCache going. Simple as that! 🙂

Adding BranchCache Feature to Servers

This stunning film in glorious technicolor shows how to add the BranchCache Feature to servers hosting ConfigMgr content.

Microsoft's BranchCache Videos

- Official Videos - a bit out of date but still relevant if you're running WS2008/Windows 7..

How Do I: Reduce WAN costs with Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7 and BranchCache?

BranchCache in Hosted Cache mode

Introduction to Windows 7 and BranchCache

Nice interview with some MS lady talking about that BranchCache thing