Welcome to our Really Simple Non-Profit Pricing Options

All of our software is free to use for non-profit organisations. System Integrators (SI’s) or companies selling services to non-profit organisations are also free to utilise our software. See it as our way of giving back to the World (awhh).

All we ask is that you purchase the support option where applicable.

Pricing is in GBP for the UK, Euro (€) for the European market and US Dollars (USD) for all other regions, per managed endpoint, per year.

Prices as from 1st July 2020

Annual License Pricing

  • BranchCache for OSD Toolkit: FREE*
  • 2PXE Server : FREE
  • iPXE Anywhere : FREE
  • StifleR Enterprise : FREE
  • StifleR Adv. Enterprise : FREE
  • 2Pint Bundle : FREE

Annual Support Pricing (€/$/£)

  • BranchCache for OSD : 0.33
  • 2PXE Server : 0.33
  • iPXE Anywhere : 0.18
  • StifleR Enterprise : 0.65
  • StifleR Adv. Enterprise: 0.75
  • 2Pint Bundle : 1.50** (All the above)

*BranchCache for OSD is free. We provide a Support option for those requiring it. Systems Integrators must purchase a Support option in order to receive the free toolset. Please contact us for more info.

** Our bundle price includes all of the above software – including upgrades, a saving of 5-13% over the individual pricing. Please contact us for more info.

Support – ’cause Things Can Get Complicated…

Get support for all of our software, for a yearly price. This options gives you access to our support escalation engineers, which have access to the automated “get out of bed button” for our developers.

Awesome Support

%of the software price per year...See table above
  • 24h x 7 Telephone Access
  • Immediate Troubleshooting
  • We start working on a fix immediately when issue found
  • Upgrade protection and access to pre-release software
  • A must-have for POS system etc.
  • Sign up when you want


€/$/£2000per day
  • High Price – High Return
  • Access to all 2Pint Knowledge
  • Clean and tidy guys. No scruffs or smells.
  • Minimum onsite engagement one week
  • Includes hugs from Sweden and air kisses from Britain.
  • We bring the really big guns if needed

We reserve the right to add a processing fee of 500 USD/EUR/GBP for orders under 10.000 USD/EUR/GBP. Please contact us for more info.