Welcome to our Really Simple Pricing Options

All of our software is free to use for any Public Educational Institutions (Schools, Universities etc) and non-profit organisations like Government, Army, Police etc. System Integrators (SI’s) or companies selling services to these organisations are also free to utilise our software. See our Non-Profit Pricing Page for more details

Term pricing also available – Pay As You Go – Contact Us for more details

Pricing is in Euro (€) for the European market and US Dollars (USD) for all other regions, per managed endpoint

Annual License Pricing

  • BranchCache for OSD Toolkit: FREE *
  • iPXE Anywhere 2PXE Server : 0.69
  • iPXE Anywhere Web Service: 0.39
  • StifleR Standard : 0.69
  • StifleR Enterprise : 1.38
  • 2Pint Bundle : 2.00**

Annual Support Pricing

  • BranchCache for OSD : 0.29
  • iPXE Anywhere 2PXE Server : 0.29
  • iPXE Anywhere Web Service: 0.16
  • StifleR Standard : 0.29
  • StifleR Enterprise: 0.58
  • 2Pint Bundle : 1.32

*BranchCache for OSD is free. We provide a Support option for those requiring it. Systems Integrators must purchase a Support option in order to receive the free toolset. Please contact us for more info.

** Our bundle price includes all of the above software – including upgrades, a saving of 18% over the individual pricing. Please contact us for more info.

All of our software can also be purchased and paid for on a monthly basis, adding a 20% increase in price but allows for monthly billing on credit cards etc. Perfect if you don’t want to sign up for a year or just want to test things out after the trial runs out.

Support – ’cause Things Can Get Complicated…

Get support for all of our software, for a yearly price. Gives you that assurance at Sunday night at 23.00 when you are opening Monday at 07.00. This options gives you 24h x 7 day access to our support escalation engineers, which have access to the automated “get out of bed button” for our developers.

Awesome Support

%of the software price per year...See table above
  • 24h x 7 Telephone Access
  • Immediate Troubleshooting
  • We start working on a fix immediately when issue found
  • Upgrade protection and access to pre-release software
  • A must-have for POS system etc.
  • Sign up when you want


2000per day
  • High Price – High Return
  • Access to all 2Pint Knowledge
  • Clean and tidy guys. No scruffs or smells.
  • Minimum onsite engagement one week
  • Includes hugs from Sweden and air kisses from Britain.
  • We bring the really big guns if needed

We reserve the right to add a processing fee of 500 USD for orders under 10.000 USD. Please contact us for more info.