Project Description

On Premise, Public, Private, Do It!

iPXE Cloud Service Point (iCSP)

Cloud based OSD from ConfigMgr, Intune, or your backyard

StifleR Cloud P2P Infrastructure Management Point (PiMP)

P2P everything from Azure and Cap Them Costs

“From Anywhere”

Hey! We took our unique 2Pint Management Stack and re-imagined it in them Clouds! TechSexy? We don’t do anything that isn’t do we?. Read on..

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2Pint Cloud Components

2PXE Cloud Service Point
This is your replacement for WDS (ConfigMgr PSP) that runs in Azure (or any other flavour of Cloud) and offers a full proxyDHCP and PXE service from the Cloud. Detects what to boot, and replaces the SCCM PXE Service Point (which is not supported in Azure). Used to load the gorgeous iPXE HTTP Boot Loader

iPXE Network Boot Program
The open source iPXE boot loader is used to boot and transfer content over HTTP from the cloud. Fully integrates with Microsoft SCCM and includes a Microsoft BranchCache client. This means that you can boot from the Cloud – and yet load your WinPE Boot image from on premise Peers. Yes – OS Deployment From Azure. Ooooohh I say Mrs!

StifleR Cloud P2P Point
Monitors incoming download requests from your StifleR-enabled clients, and maximises P2P efficiency. Manages Bandwidth usage to each location. Also cuts your Azure Data Egress bills to an absolute minimum by making sure that your client systems don’t download the same shizzle more than once. Massively scalable. 

Dashboards Dashboards Dashboards
Beautiful dashboards give you instant visuals on all of your content downloads – both from the cloud and on premise. New in V1.5 – you can now see all of your OS Deployment Task Sequence instances – updated in real time! Mesmerising…

How can I get my hands on this life-changing Cornucopia of Cloudiness?

Contact us  using this form if you are interested in integrating Cloud-Based versions of our software with your own solutions or deployments. We are currently working with a few key Partners who will be delivering our services as part of Managed Services offerings – ConfigMgr As A Service for example – where our Cloud services provide the missing piece of being able to deliver OS Deployment completely from Azure with Zero on premise junk.