Project Description

Utilize The BranchCache For OSD Toolkit To Speed Up Your OS Deployment Process.

This nifty toolkit enables BranchCache in the Windows Pre-Installation Environment (WinPE), and also for non BranchCache enabled systems like the

Windows Professional family.

By enabling BranchCache in a resource intensive process like OSD, more systems on the network will share the load, ensuring a fast and effortless deployment without hogging system resources from other computers or the network. This kit has been developed in order to streamline deployments from Windows Intune, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) as well as Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007/2012/SP1/R2/1511.

We deliver the magic by enabling native HTTP & BITS BranchCache download support to WinPE, adding BranchCache support for Task Sequences (MDT as well as ConfigMgr) and providing a command line tool for downloading content using BranchCache over HTTP.

No agent other than BranchCache is required on the client computers. If there is no BranchCache enabled computer with cached content, the content will be downloaded from the server and retained through the process. The BranchCache for OSD kit works with both dynamic and hosted cache mode and is easy to integrate into your existing deployment method. In theory we can work with any deployment solution out there that uses HTTP & BITS as the main delivery engine. And you know what, unlike all the other vendors out there, our software is free.

We made this software free in order to strengthen the community that helped build us.

Missing out? Not using any of these technologies? Ping us an email and we will see if we can add support for your solution, because we believe that everyone deserves a bit of Caching now and then.

BranchCache für Alle!

  • BranchCache support for WinPE
  • Simple Command Line Tool
  • Support for Windows Pro
  • Data retained thru the process
  • No Infrastructure changes required
  • Agentless. Just some executables
  • Scriptable. Create your own scenarios
  • Free! Zero License cost
  • Optional Support – Pay if you like it
  • Faster Deployment Times
  • Implement in minutes
  • Works with most deployment systems
  • Agentless. Just some executables
  • Microsoft Supported Technology

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