Project Description

Visualize the P2P Awesomeness

BCMon Tool – Command line tool for Realtime analysis of BITS downloads and BranchCache – perfect for testing your P2P setup. This tool supports several command line options, listed below. It can basically do the following:

  1. Show you the BranchCache retrieval in realtime from a BITS job
  2. Show BranchCache performance counters
  3. Analyse the BITS Eventlog
  4. Send/retrieve BranchCache probes

How does that grab you Bob?

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BranchCache CI’s

Dump BranchCache CI files with the following command line option (V1 CI support coming):

BCMon.exe /DumpV2CI /Full

BranchCache probe generation/verfication

Send / Retrieve BranchCache probe messages to verify message exchange:

Use /Probe or /ProbeMatch as first parameters on two seperate computers.

On the first machine run with the /ProbeMatch option to listen for probes on an IP Address
The IP Address should be an IP address that the machine runnin the /ProbeMatch has assigned.
Example: BCmon.exe /ProbeMatch

On the second machine run the same executable with the /Probe command.
Example: BCmon.exe /ProbeV1    (/ProbeV1 creates V1 discovery packet.)
Example: BCmon.exe /ProbeV2   (/ProbeV2 creates V2 discovery packet.)
Example: BCmon.exe /Probe   (/Probe creates V2 discovery packet.)
Example: BCmon.exe /ProbeBlank   (/ProbeBlank creates a blank V1 discovery packet that any V1 capable system will reply to.)

/ProbeRedLeaderV2 creates a probe to find a StifleR Red Leader using V2 BranchCache.

If it all works, both command line windows will show data being retrieved and responded to.

The /ProbeMatch option can also be used to listen for other BranchCache discovery packages without the need for network sniffer.

BITS Monitoring usage

Analyse the past downloads by parsing the BITS Eventlog:

BCMon.exe /BITS /Analyse [/Probe]

The optional /Probe option adds WMI \root\twopints:bits_activity for easy access.

View BITS/BranchCache performance counters for analysis:

BCMon.exe /BITS /PerformanceData

Track a download in realtime displaying BranchCache usage:

BCMon.exe /BITS /Realtime [ResultFilename.csv]

Display realtime tracking displaying legend:

BCMon.exe /BITS /RealtimeLegend

Display the Legend for Realtime monitoring

Ok, here it goes, the /Realtime will show live progress-bars of the downloads using [] as the progress indicator. The download will be split into number of character available per line in the console window. So a larger window will show more detail than a small one. As a chunk is downloaded it will then display progress on screen in a colour depending on BranchCache ratio. Basically the greener the better, Red is bad. Gray is nothing.

If we are BranchCaching but havent written out data yet a yellow ! Appears at the current Point.