Project Description

Visualize the P2P Awesomeness – NEW ConfigMgr Reporting Version – Includes Peer Cache/BranchCache

Now that Microsoft Configuration Manager (Current Branch) reports all BranchCache and ConfigMgr Peer Cache content transfer results – we have simplified the ConfigMgr side of things by using the existing ConfigMgr data and creating some new reports that you can simply import into your ConfigMgr site.
2 ConfigMgr Reports – Select individual deployments and see where each system downloaded the content from
TriggerHappy Tool – Set the ConfigMgr Reporting interval (24hrs by default) for faster testing
BITSBCReporter Tool – Command line tool for Realtime analysis of BITS downloads – perfect for testing your P2P setupYou can still use the Reporter Client Command line tool however, in real-time testing and to analyse your past BITS downloads by using Event Log stats.

Standalone BranchCache Reporter

This revised release also includes our standalone version, which consists of a Reporter Web Service, new SSRS Dashboard and reports. You can use this if you don’t have ConfigMgr, or you can still use it with ConfigMgr, but the client agent will report ALL BITS downloads, not just ConfigMgr ones. Also, lots of new client features such as real-time reporting command line switches (great for testing), the ability to stuff your BITS download stats into WMI and much more.

Although we are looking to add even more reports as we progress and expand the reporting capabilities you can get quite far to see just how efficiently BranchCache handles downloads in both high speed environments as well as low bandwidth scenarios. These reports are currently in the pack, but more will be added later on, so stay tuned:

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