Project Description

Free Tool – ConfigMgr Content Locator – Now with Added Peer Cache!

First, hats off to Adam Meltzer for helping us code this, great help! Adam, you are the man!

This great tool finds the Distribution Points, or Peer Cache sources for a specified package/Application from Content ID and version, or uses the ConfigMgr deployment policy to find the app from the friendly name. Use it to script stuff or just check that the content for your favourite Task Sequence is available on all DP’s. Great for testing ConfigMgr Peer Cache – check which clients have what content!

The only thing needed by default is to give it a Content ID and the tool will try to find the available version. You can of course add the Version number on the command line if you know it. The tool uses the CM Sender and does not talk to the MP directly, so it works regardless of crypto/https implementations. That does however, require a client on the box you are running it on, so no WinPE here.

It has the SDK Dll integrated into it as well, so no need for that. The output is parser friendly and you can also select to filter on SMB and Http locations. The tool should explain itself, if it doesn’t let us know and we might make a dummy guide. 🙂 The tool does some cool stuff, like looking for the package ID etc, so its very easy to use.

P.S Error handling is not really included – you get what ya pay for! 😉

//The 2Pint Dudes 

Content Locator