Welcome To The Post IT Boredom Society!

How refreshing. A humorous, modern alternative to boring IT consultancy that has nothing to do with long slow projects whatsoever. We are not just a bunch of pretty faces, we are experts in this field.

About a decade ago we looked at the System Management arena and thought: what if we forgot these boring setups altogether and turned impossible scenarios into a something fun that was designed for humans? So we just did.

Looking for some help and guidance on our products? Now, there are a gazillion ways of doing things but don’t worry –  we know how it works, after all we wrote the software products that do the magic. It would be a shame if we didn’t know how they work right?

Tired of Consultants that just present different options? So are we! We are old school consultants that don’t ask you what you want, we already know what you need and the best way to get there.

What we like to work with (Core Competencies)

Systems Management

Let us help you to make your environment fly, or just get a lot faster.

Perfect For All Organizations

No matter the size of your organization or devices, you will be amazed.

Branch Office

Getting slow networks back to normal is our thing, and we think that getting things Cached is a good start.

We LOVE Fixing Slow Networks

Since we can get most network traffic Cached, your network will be reborn.


We offer an incredible experience that allows you to create an awesome environment.

Build Something Beautiful

Dozens of well designed “here is something I prepared earlier” loaded with options gives you freedom.

Cloud Stuff

Getting content from the Cloud is one of the big hurdles for people going Cloudy. But ...

We can help with that!

We have indeep insite in Microsofts Azure plans around networking. Let us help you to get buddy buddy with the Cloud networking!

Other Areas of the 2Pint Expertise

Our primary focus is to offer services around the software products that we produce. But we are also open to new challenges and opportunities, so if you can’t find what you are looking for or are looking for specialist expertise, please give us a buzz and explain just what you need. We do reserve the right to tell you right away that your idea might be plain crazy, but that doesn’t mean we won’t help you.

Why Choose Us

  • Knowledge. Extreme real knowledge in the field.
  • Trusted. You already probably know who we are. If not, use Google goddammit!
  • Fun. We are not your typical IT Consultants, we smile and stuff.
  • Products. Our software products are de-facto standard in the industry.
  • Support and Hugs. Hugs from Sweden and air kisses from Britain. We want to serve you the best way we can, sometimes support is not enough.


What Some Folks Say

Being part of 2Pint Software is a huge amount of fun. But then why would you have it any other way?
Phil, 2PS

We wanted a name that would force us to run the Company the way that we always dreamed of, like the feeling after having 2 pints.

Andreas, 2PS