The StifleR 2.6.0 release is a major release towards an updated UI and a reworked networking layer. Minor changes on the client.

List of client changes:

ID Work Item Type Area Path Title
325 Bug \Client Can’t create subnets manually from dashboard
354 Bug \Client Delivery Optimization Download Mode and GroupID values not set correctly
395 Task \Client Changed queue logic for improved messaging size
397 Bug \Client\Networking WellConnected not set correct on over version 2.3 client
398 Bug \Client\Networking Additional BW from StifleR rules is added wrongly when roaming
399 Bug \Client\Networking Additonal BW overrides location values, does not add
401 Bug \Client\Networking VPN, Roaming and Servers not appearing in the correct places as the data is lossed on delta connections
403 Feature \Client Elevation tracking process is now active
406 Bug \Client\Installer Installer overrides default less chatty timers from 10 seconds to 30 seconds

List of Server changes:

ID Work Item Type Area Path Title
241 User Story \Dashboards Solve 404 errors for missing font files
242 User Story \Dashboards Proof of concept: hybrid angular app
243 User Story \Dashboards Proof of concept: Migrate one existing service to new Angular
244 Task \Dashboards Perform the recommended preperation changes
245 Task \Dashboards Add Angular8 to the existing project
246 Task \Dashboards Configure the AngularJS and Angular8 runtime to run in hybrid mode
247 Task \Dashboards Create a new POC Angular8 component that can be viewed inside AngularJS
248 Task \Dashboards Add a StifleR menu item that links to the new component and add Angular8 routing to that component
249 Task \Dashboards View: Migrate to Angular9
250 Task \Dashboards Controller: Migrate to Angular9
251 Task \Dashboards Service: Migrate to Angular9
252 Task \Dashboards Routing: Migrate to Angular9
253 Task \Dashboards Document worklfow
255 User Story \Dashboards Setup developer environment for Marcus Melberg
256 Task \Dashboards Give Marcus Melberg access to DevOps + Code
257 Task \Dashboards Setup workstation to be able to debug StifleR dashboard + Service
258 Task \Dashboards Populate databases with test data
259 Task \Dashboards Document workflow
260 User Story \Dashboards Refactoring
261 Task \Dashboards Connection tracking
262 User Story \Dashboards Migrate max download service
263 Task \Dashboards Migrate controller
264 Task \Dashboards Migrate view
265 Task \Dashboards Swap the old service with the new one
266 User Story \Dashboards Migrate cache overview
267 Task \Dashboards Migrate controller
268 Task \Dashboards Migrate view
269 Task \Dashboards Swap the old service with the new one
270 Task \Dashboards Swap out the old service
271 User Story \Dashboards Add space to country menu item
272 Task \Dashboards Add space to the menu
273 User Story \Dashboards Reset signing when bingtoolkit is working as intended
274 Task \Dashboards How to handle default colors
275 User Story \Dashboards Add dark mode
276 User Story \Dashboards Review performance backend
277 Task \Dashboards UI: Switch
278 Task \Dashboards Select which base colors to use based on best practises
279 Task \Dashboards Go through all services and make sure it looks good in dark mode
280 User Story \Dashboards Migrate bandwidth history
281 Task \Dashboards Migrate controller
282 Task \Dashboards Migrate view
283 Task \Dashboards Swap old service with new one
284 User Story \Dashboards Migrate Client history
285 Task \Dashboards Migrate controller
286 Task \Dashboards Migrate view
287 Task \Dashboards Swap old service with new one
288 User Story \Dashboards Migrate Client overview
289 Task \Dashboards Migrate controller
290 Task \Dashboards Migrate view
291 Task \Dashboards Swap old service with new
292 User Story \Dashboards Migrate main statistics
293 Task \Dashboards Migrate controller
294 Task \Dashboards Migrate view
295 Task \Dashboards swap old service with new
296 User Story \Dashboards Fix Roboto-Light font issue
297 User Story \Dashboards Fix tooltip in AmChart graph to be more “square” like
335 Bug \Dashboards 404 errors for missing font files
346 Bug \Dashboards Incorrect Hyperlink in ‘Transfer Overview’ Dashboard
356 Bug \Dashboards ZIP code field not always shown in the dashboard.
396 Task \Server\SignalR Hub Changed queue logic for improved messaging size and CPU offload
400 Bug \Server\SignalR Hub Transfer time calculated correctly instead of -time from UTC
402 Task \Server There is a new class for ManagedClients, which is faster than the Connections as the Connections class generated several iterations
404 Feature \Server\Service Internet breakout can be used to seperate out the traffic
405 Feature \Dashboards Internet breakout can be used to visualise the network traffic
407 Feature \Dashboards Dashboard infrastructure using Angular 8 and AMCharts
408 Feature \Dashboards Subnet dashboard changes to show less locationdata like address etc.
409 Feature \Dashboards New links to subnet and client views to help with site navigation from different parts of the dashboard
410 Feature \Dashboards Clients lists populated directly on viewing subnets instead of waiting for the full update cycle to trigger message
411 Bug \Dashboards New Add Location page – allows to create location from searchable discovery data.
412 Task \Server\Service VPN checks bandwidth every 5 mins instead of every 15 minutes
413 Bug \Server\Service Allowed split/BW update properly on dashboards for VPN and WellConnected
414 Task \Dashboards List views for locations and subnets are improved to show more data
418 Task \Server\SignalR Hub 1.9.7 and below are now disabled from connecting to the server
424 Bug \Server\SignalR Hub Job deltas not shown in performance counters
428 Task \Server\Service A date when a client was last communicating with server is available in the clients sconnection log and events.
429 Task \Server\SignalR Hub DataEngine (Dashboard update) frequency is now set to a default of 5seconds
430 Feature \Server\Service New WMI Methods
462 Task \Server\Service Client list per subnet is now calculated at network ID being set, giving the ability to quickly get which machines are in a location without pulling main list.