The 2.6.1 release is the last release (apart from bug fixes) that uses the old Networking models. New releases will use the new Network Topology design.

List of Client Changes:

415 Bug \Client\Networking BITS process name not populated properly.
499 Bug \Client Wifi devices on 802.11ac reports in wrongly and is not associated with the correct device type.
500 Task \Client StifleR reports wifi devices on 802.11ad and 802.11ax
509 Bug \Client Clients connect in ‘Roaming’ state when there is an issue with the ClientInfo report functions

List of Server changes:

ID Work Item Type Area Path Title
187 Bug \Dashboards Performance Dashboard is Wonk
299 Bug \Dashboards V1 list shows both V1 and V2 clients on subnet
417 Task \Database ClientFlags available offline
421 Task \Server\SignalR Hub Increased thickness of line series graphs to 3 from 1.
422 Bug \Dashboards Locations with no country set is not shown in menu
423 Task \Dashboards Ctrl+C for remote shell is now possible to send to close running processes
438 Bug \Server\Service Client search not showing the right icon for the machine type
441 Bug \Dashboards Client search showing odd results and repeared > 10 results when more than 10 results
442 Feature \Dashboards New links in Transfer Overview to client history graphs for multiple data points
443 Feature \Dashboards Client history graphs now shows multiple links to history over time depending on URL format
444 Feature \Dashboards Client History now shows multiple data points like VPN etc
445 Feature \Dashboards Performance Counters can be tracked realtime from the dashboard system, BETA
446 Feature \Dashboards Client shell allows for real time command prompt (PowerShell) in the dashboard system
447 Feature \Server\Service New WMI method on DataEngine class: VerifyDatabase
448 Feature \Server\Service New WMI method on Connections class instance: MeasureToTargetFromClient, returns a PING from Red Leader on subnet.
449 Feature \Server\Service New WMI method on Subnets class: MeasureBetweenSubnets, returns a the speed between two networks.
450 Feature \Server\Service New WMI method on Subnet class instance: GetAdjacentMACs, returns a JSON of any location that has a similiar MAC address. Set MaxResults to 0 for all results.
451 Feature \Server\Service New WMI method on Subnets class instance: GetLocationsWithinDistance, returns ID of any location that is within the proximity of the provided value. Set both input variables to 0 for all results to report their distance.
452 Feature \Server\Service New flags on the Connection instance ClientFlags property indicating policy set by other means than StifleR. BITSPolicyInPlay = 268435456, DOPolicyInPlay = 536870912, BCPolicyInPlay = 1073741824
453 Feature \Server\Service New WMI method on Connections class instances: GetUserElevationFlags
454 Feature \Server\Service New WMI method on Connections class instances: GetElevatedProcesses
455 Feature \Server\Service New WMI method on Connections class instances: QueryBranchCacheContent
456 Feature \Server\Service New WMI method on Connections class instances: MeasureToTargetFromClient
457 Feature \Server\Service New WMI method on Connections class instances: InvokePowerShellCommandWithArguments
458 Feature \Server\Service New WMI method on Connections class instances: QueryBranchCacheContentDetailed
460 Task \Server\Service Change the aggregated globe values to a set value field instead, so that each poll for locations dont pull stats from a dictionary.
497 Bug \Dashboards Wifi clients fails to show up on WiFi dashboard
498 Bug \Dashboards Wifi clients sends type 0 for physical wifi device type
501 Bug \Server\SignalR Hub StifleR fails when Anonymous SignalR connections are enabled in .config file
510 Bug \Server\Service AdminTracking fails to track certain protected processes with Access denied errors