Please find the list of changes:

ID Item Type Title
190 Bug LEDBATTargetBandwidth gets added to existing TargetBandwidth
192 Bug Subnet Dashboard not updating Target Bandwidth
231 Bug Unable to remove DOGroupID
309 Bug Child subnet speed calculation not working as expected during download
310 Bug StifleR Client don’t work on Windows Server 2016
312 Bug Set target bandwidth by % does not show correctly in Chrome and Microsoft Edge
314 User Story Improved Beacon support
315 Task Resolve open bugs for beacon tracking.
316 Task Update dependency DLLs
317 Task Improve logging & tracability for Beacon feature/scenarios
318 Bug New locations are not created using PowerShell integration
319 Task Change WMI Subnet class key to GUID instead of ID
322 Task Update client with new Beacon logic
336 Bug StifleR client install script v1.0.1.2 returns error at first run