Bandwidth Management in Windows using Microsoft LEDBAT++

Windows 10 (and Server 2016) now has the built-in ability to transfer content completely in the background using only unused bandwidth


Low Extra Delay Background Transport (LEDBaT) is a way to transfer data in the background quickly,  without clogging the network.

Delivery Optimization PowerShell Cmdlets in Windows 10

The Delivery Optimization Service (DOSvc) provides another Peer To Peer technology from Microsoft. Included with the release of Windows 10, DO is mostly used for downloading updates from Microsoft Update servers directly to PCs that are configured to use it. It’s also responsible for grabbing content from the Windows Store too.

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ConfigMgr Peer Cache – Notes from the Field

Well, a few fields, not necessarily our own fields…

OK now listen up!

Quite a few of you lovely folks have been playing with the new ConfigMgr Peer Cache feature in your labs. Unfortunately, it  seems, that even in this day and age, your Lab happens to contain ALL your production […]

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Peer Cache in ConfigMgr Current Branch (1610) – First Impressions

OK, time for a whistle-stop tour of the new Peer Cache feature in ConfigMgr 1610 (CB) I say new, as this is the first release to feature the P2P tech in ‘almost Production ready’ form. It did pop up in various Tech Previews, but there’s been quite a few […]

Can BranchCache and BITS play nice with ConfigMgr?

or…’What Happens When Tons of BITS Clients Try To Grab The Same Content at the same time?’

Sometimes there’s a bit of scaremongering around BITS and BranchCache when used by ConfigMgr in a deployment. More specifically, if a deployment is set to make the content available at a time […]

Introducing StifleR – Bandwidth Management for the masses..

So, we’ve been busy again…

This post is a brief intro to a new piece that we’ve been working hard on over the last few months, which delivers server driven bandwidth limiting for BITS  downloads.

The Problem:

The Background Intelligent Transfer Service, or BITS as we’ve all come to know and love, has its limitations. It’s great at restart-able […]