Good questions about BranchCache hashing and caching

So over the weekend, there were some good questions from my coworker Ami’s husband, so I thought I would publish them in a kinda FAQ/rant way, hoping that it will benefit more people to understand the inner workings of BranchCache and how it integrates with file de-duplication that was incorporated in Windows Server 2012. Enjoy.

Question: […]

New features in StifleR 2.3

There are a lot of new features in the StifleR 2.0 generation. The 2.3 release is the first public release that covers this major overhaul. There are several new aspects that are not part of StifleR, and this release will be the foundation of many new features.

The biggest change is that we now store data […]

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iPXE troubleshooting session #2 debrief

iPXE troubleshooting session #2 debrief

Just finished up a two day troubleshooting session in Cambridge. Awesome as always! So what did we fixes where we aiming to sort out this time:

  1. NTLM only using local names and not being able to use DOMAIN for authentication.
  2. iPXE issues with USB devices – causing random lockups/resets of the […]
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Viva La Nordics – We Are @ NICCONF

Long time without any news, AGAIN! But we promise, we have been doing “stuff”, promise. We just cant talk about it, just yet.

We have been busy indeed coding some new things, and busy dealing with replacing some old crap out. Some of the things it’s too early to talk about, but some we will release […]

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Resizing the BranchCache Cache with PowerShell


It’s 2Pint Friday – which means another quick and dirty post before we adjourn to the Pub..

So how can  you resize the BranchCache  Hash Cache using PowerShell?

This question came up on the TechNet forums so here’s the answer, as it’s not too obvious from them pesky BranchCache docs. Please note that this works for WS2012/Windows […]

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Introducing iPXE Anywhere Part ii – the iPXE Anywhere Concept

iPXE Anywhere is a network booting solution using the Open Source iPXE network boot firmware. We add the “Anywhere” components which is a set of server components and support infrastructure components to make iPXE sing and dance even more, by communicating with the iPXE client software, and enabling seamless integration with WDS, SCCM etc.

We are investing in […]

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