When to downgrade BranchCache clients and how?

The other day I was asked to clarify when to use which of the two hashing versions in BranchCache, so thought I would write it all down in one place for future reference.

To give a bit of background. BranchCache comes in two version; V1 that came with Windows 7/Vista and V2 that came with Windows […]

2Pint At The Midwest Management Summit (MMSMOA) 2017

Beer, Epic Sessions and Fake News..

This is an exciting year at MMS for us, read on to find out why..

Again, with thanks to the awesome organisers of MMS, we’re honoured to be presenting the very latest demo-packed presentations in the following topics:

Return […]

BranchCache for OSD 1.1 Released

The BranchCache For OSD Toolkit 1.1 is Finally Here!

Ok folks, here it goes, the 1.1 release of our BranchCache for OSD kit is now live at the download section here: http://2pintsoftware.com/products/branchcache-for-osd-toolkit/

It’s been a very busy time here in the 2Pint land, babies and roofing + other life issues have gotten in […]

Working With Encrypted Hard Drives – The Long Winding Story

This blog covers the settings and changes needed to be done in order to achieve a single image of Windows XP deployment both for Encrypted hard drives and Un-encrypted ones with a single image. Interestingly enough this has been one of the most requested blog posts that I have ever written. And altough the blog covers […]

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Finally, BranchCache Support In WinPE With ConfigMgr vNext (Not!)

UPDATE! – In answer to many customer questions and general confusion.

For the purposes of clarification – BranchCache Support will NOT be present in ConfigMgr vNext. That’s all! If you need BranchCache support in WinPE you got to get it from the folks who know BranchCache!

BranchCache for OSD Toolkit – FREE


Today […]

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Introducing iPXE Anywhere: Next Generation Network Booting

We’re really quite excited about this wee gem. So much so that we’re going to let you take a peek even though it’s not quite ready for public outings yet.

Short History:

So we started looking at the PXE booting side of OS Deployment some time back. Having worked with the various incarnations of PXE over the years, […]

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What’s 2Pint Software Working On? More BranchCache? Oh Yeah!

Hey, it’s soon Christmas and to get ahead of Santa (Never struck me before that Satan has the same letters as Santa, hmmm interesting…/rantover) I would like to take the opportunity to describe what we at 2Pint Software are focusing on and will be continue to work on for the first quarter in the new […]