The Anglo-Swedish Independent IT Company

We know how it sounds. The swedes being tall, blond, beautiful, hard to get, extremely liberal with no sense of attachment or responsibility whatsoever and not to mention the amount of vacations. Then the English with their bad food, worse weather, Mary Poppins, dark shabby suits and men always working in their management heavy organizations. Sorry to disappoint you, that’s just not us.

We are the other company – we are the fun aunt or uncle that sometimes came to visit that you always wanted to be with. We are also somewhat nerdy, super practical, painfully honest, notoriously hardworking though. Independent, not because we don’t want to be social, but merely because we want to have the right to say what we think and do what we know is right. If we wanted to be a big boring multi-national IT conglomerate or have a group of old gray people in a boardroom making decisions for us, we would let one of the big players in the market buy us.

Don’t hold your breath, it isn’t going to happen. Ever!



2Pint Software was formed in 2014 by us, Andreas and Phil. We produce software which enhances and extends Microsoft System Center and other great technologies forgotten by the World. The discussions about forming the company started way back in 2005 when we saw how slow most IT companies were to adapt to new technologies and change the way they worked. This ultimately leads to being slow and boring and not providing value to their customers. Also, they have a hard time keeping their staff since they get frustrated and angry. Since then both of us got married and a lot of water flowed under many bridges. Phil took over the family farm for a few years, while Andreas was busy trying to help other companies facing the same old issues we had seen in 2005. Then in 2014 we saw an opportunity to build and extend a great Microsoft technology called BranchCache, something that the world simply thought did not work and did not understand…the rest, as they say, is history.

Trying to build a company on something that is technically great but very hard to explain might sound like a ridiculous idea, but you know what? We’re not as stupid as we look:

Our crazy mission is to take some great but underused and misunderstood technologies and make them work amazingly.

The 2Pint name constantly reminds us of the discussions we had when we used to meet colleagues in the Pub for a few beers. We have always worked with people that had amazing ideas but the corporate structures did not allow for them to go back and work on it directly, and the ideas always fell in to oblivion. If you want to know the full story behind the name..ask us!

2Pint stands for being free to do the right thing. Not being limited by deadlines and meaningless management reports. Flat management structure. No suits. Sharing profit & responsibilities with the employees. Flexible working hours. A passion for IT!

Who the heck is 2Pint?

A 2Pint idea, is generally a good one. A 3 Pint idea? Not so much..
Our crazy mission is to take some great but underused and misunderstood technologies and make them work amazingly.
Are our lifeblood, and are therefore our most importantest people. Ever.
We are born of the Microsoft Systems Management Community, and are committed to integrating that very spirit into every line of code we write.. .
Nobody is perfect, but we hope that we are men and women of our word. If we say we are going to deliver something, you can be 100% sure that we will attempt to make it happen by whatever means possible. Without breaking too many laws of course.

Our Crazy Skills

Ice Skating 0
Pottery Making 0
Origami 0
Having Fun 49
Fabulous Software 51