2Pint Software offers three levels of support for both customers and non customers

Accelerated Value Program

Includes Standard Support plus enhanced premier technical support which is fee based per endpoint with customized advisory services tailored specifically to clients.

For more detailed information on this offering, please contact us


Standard Support

Included in the subscription fee, remote voice, electronic support, software maintenance, access to update releases and new releases of the software.

Self- Support

Find answers through the 2Pint Software blog or through the community and free tools released by 2Pint Software on GiTHub. We will always try to assist non-customers on a 'best effort' basis. 
Accelerated Value Program
This enhanced support service is highly customizable and is tailored to fit every customer’s specific needs and pain points, so all deliverables listed below may not be relevant to every situation.
CategorySubscription & SupportAccelerated Value Program
Type of supportReactive, problem related support.Proactive assistance to help plan, deploy, optimize, grow and upgrade Software; Coordinates reactive support.
Single point of contactNone.Yes. Customer Success Manager (CSM) and Account Technical Specialist (ATS).
Issue managementYou manage open issues. Escalations are handled by the 2Pint Software Helpdesk.The allocated CSM and ATS manages open issues and handles escalations. For each client a primary and secondary ATS is assigned.
Exception handlingSupport for severity 1 issues only.Direct one to one support with the allocated ATS facilitating support for critical situations until the issue is resolved.
Reports and reviewsNone.Status and delivery reports. Quarterly reports, Problem Management status reviews as required. Governance and management escalation paths in place.
Defect alertsSelf-help web monitoring.The allocated ATS works with you proactively and can identify defects that might affect your systems.
On-site support  None.Scheduled and emergency onsite assistance is available or dedicated remote assistance as needed.  
Technical advice and ducmentsWeb resources, community and fee-based classes/events.Customized knowledge sharing to fill skill gaps and training available.
How to Access Support
Below is a list of options you can use to reach our support team.
Open a case from the web
Submit a ticket using the
Contact Support form
Open a case from the phone
North America: 1-800-488-9963
Open a case via email
[email protected] 
Technical Support Severities
Severity 1


Critical business impact, the Software is inoperable or a core function of the Software is unavailable and the condition requires an immediate solution.
Severity 2


Significant business impact and a core function of the Software is significantly impaired, Software is usable but severely limited
Severity 3


Some business impact but program is usable or a workaround has been provided but a less significant features are impacted
Severity 4


Minimal business impact, problem causes little impact or there is already a reasonable workaround in place; and any cosmetic issue affecting the Software
Contact Support
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You might want to check the 2Pint documentation first - we occasionally write something useful and you may find the answer there!