The following is the price list for Government, Education and Non-Profit Organizations
These include all government organizations (including Armed Forces/Police etc), public healthcare, education and other non-profit organizations (such as registered charities etc)

System Integrators (SI’s) or companies selling services to these organizations can also utilize our software at this discounted price but they must purchase support for the OSD Toolkit component regardless of end-user status.

Please note that all prices are  'per endpoint' based on an annual subscription. We do not offer perpetual licensing options

We can provide a 'guided proof of concept' package, led by our superb techies, where we can help you to install and test the 2Pint shininess in your own environment.
OSD Toolkit Turbo Edition *
Add Microsoft P2P tech to your OS deployment
iPXE Anywhere 2PXE Server
iPXE http(s) based PXE responder
iPXE Anywhere Web Service
Web service add-on for the 2PXE server
Bandwidth management and much more
Remote Device Monitoring & Management
Total content cache Management.
Most Popular
Full 2Pint Bundle
OSD Toolkit Turbo Edition *, iPXE Anywhere 2PXE Server, iPXE Anywhere Web Service, StifleR, RemoteR, CacheR
Most Popular
OS Deployment Bundle
OSD Toolkit Turbo Edition *, iPXE Anywhere 2PXE Server, iPXE Anywhere Web Service
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