StifleR understands and protects all types of network so that you can deliver any type of software deployment to your end users without compromising on the timings or location of content delivery.

Works alongside Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Configuration Manager, Intune, WuFB and pretty much any other EMS solution out there.​

VPN/Home/Office/LAN/WAN/WiFi/Cloud – StifleR loves them all!​

StifleR features

Intelligent bandwidth​ management

Content accelerator 
StifleR accelerates content transfers by utilizing the various Microsoft P2P services, enabling caching, Deduplication and Peer-to-Peer distribution of content on local networks. By utilizing and improving the Microsoft P2P functionality, StifleR has a profound effect on where users actually source their content, the network bandwidth consumed in retrieving that content and the speed with which the content is delivered to consumers. 

Bandwidth control 
StifleR gives you control over content transfers to Windows client computers by enabling granular configuration of the Windows content download processes. Background Intelligent Transfer (BITS) and/or Delivery Optimization (DO) downloads can all be intelligently throttled according to the current network conditions.

Bandwidth sharing 
As the Red Leaders are continuously communicating download details back to the StifleR Server, the Server is aware of how many active subnets transferring data there are at any moment in time. At a remote location the allowed Bandwidth between the Location and the Datacentre is dynamically apportioned between the number of active Red Leaders (Subnets) at that Location allowing maximum bandwidth to be assigned to each at all times. 


The StifleR server can plot all of your physical locations, integrating with the Bing Map APIs to provide spectacular geo-based dashboards. These dashboards show not only the location and numbers of clients but can also show current active clients and downloads.


Remote Monitoring and Management
Remote monitoring and management (RMM) systems are critical in today’s remote IT world. Changes that affected IT during a pandemic made RMM a mandatory software for asset monitoring and network management.

StifleR now includes several RMM tools:

Remote PowerShell
Remote Console
Remote Event Log Viewer
Remote Performance Monitor

If you would like a demo of our rapidly expanding RMM capabilities, please contact us!

Network discovery

Networks are the basic currency of StifleR. Wired, wireless, public, private and even home VPN networks can all be auto-discovered and intelligently grouped in order to manage complex content downloads to any type of location.

We use a unique template based approach along with auto-bandwidth measurement to make setting up and managing StifleR as hands free as possible.

VPN management

In the latest release of StifleR, we have built special capabilities to deal with VPN users. VPN subnets are treated differently to regular wired or Wi-Fi networks in that the bandwidth is shared efficiently depending on the number of users connected to that subnet. Using the 'intelligent dynamic shared bandwidth' approach means that your VPN concentrators will be protected from being overwhelmed during even the busiest of times.

VPN traffic can be viewed in the StifleR dashboards to help you to monitor the VPN usage at all times.


Using StifleR you have complete visibility over WAN and LAN transfers globally through the Dashboards.  The Dashboards frequently giving an up to the second view of content transfers. 

The dashboards allow real time monitoring of all content transfers within the enterprise, all from a single view. From the main dashboard you can then drill down from a multi subnet Site through individual subnets right down to single client data. 

From within the dashboards you can now execute our new remote troubleshooting tools which enable you to troubleshoot various client-side issues via a remote console, event log, PowerShell or performance monitor session over SignalR


The StifleR server interface for automation is a WMI Provider. In practical terms this means that the administrator can use a WMI interface to communicate and control the StifleR server component. The StifleR WMI provider exposes many settings and methods than can be used to automate many aspects of StifleR administration. Coupled with PowerShell the sky's the limit and many of our customers have built powerful extensions to the inbuilt StifleR functionality.

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