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Your organization counts on the high availability and performance of your business solutions, and you invested in 2Pint Software with those goals in mind. We understand that, when technical issues arise, they need to be addressed as promptly as possible.  Problems with software can be difficult to diagnose and the time spent trying to diagnose and resolve them can prevent your staff from spending time on core IT projects needed to support growth and innovation and that is why we are here to help.  The more complex and integrated your infrastructure becomes, and the more dependent your organization becomes on it and the more important it is to maintain a high level of proactive technical support for around-the-clock responsiveness, service quality and resiliency. Expert technical support services from a trusted resource can help you achieve the IT performance needed to meet your organizational objectives.


2Pint Software Subscription and Support provides a comprehensive and technical support solution for your 2Pint Software. Delivered in our subscription-based model and renewed annually. Software Subscription and Support provides upgrade protection with online access to new versions and releases of your installed software as they are developed, so you can benefit from the latest feature enhancements. You also get real-time access to online technical support when you need it. From installation and configuration assistance to hints and tips for maximum system efficiency—our experts and online resources are here to help you.


2Pint Software Subscription 

  • Protects your IT environment and your software investment  
  • Provides installation and configuration assistance for faster system deployment 
  • Entitles access to fixes and fix packs, updates, drivers and new releases of your licensed 2Pint software building on the existing functionality while introducing new capabilities.
  • Helps reduce software lifecycle costs, improve performance, productivity and security
  • Includes optional notification of new product releases and technical support updates
  • 24x7 assistance for Severity 1 issues 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.  Simply, open a case and we are here to help.

Your 2Pint Software is a business-critical asset and maintaining 2Pint Software Subscription and Support is a cost-effective way to protect your investment and maximize the return on your software investment going forward.  

Accelerated Value Program 2Pint’s Accelerated Value Program and extended premier support allows you to enhance your standard support services by purchasing a percentage of a named resource to help you derive maximum business benefits from your Configuration Management ecosystem including and 2Pint Software investment. 

Consultancy Services Expert professional services focused on modern endpoint management, including the Microsoft Intune product family (Configuration Manager/Intune including co-management etc) , Microsoft Azure, Windows Autopilot, deployment and provisioning, Peer-to-peer technologies for Windows and Linux machines.

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