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  • Create Date June 27, 2018
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ConfigMgr Configuration Item (CI) to Check and Remediate Local Policy Corruption

Local Policy file corruption can be a Royal PITA. It can happen for many reasons - most of which are unknown!

If it happens - you lose the ability to apply any policies, like Windows Update for instance, so it can be serious.

But this handy Configuration Item can fix the issue with no fuss.


The detection script looks at the first 4 bytes of each Policy file (Machine and User).

If a corrupt file is found, the file is useless and can't be repaired, so it is nuked with extreme prejudice (if remediation is enabled). This causes Windows to re-create the policy file the next time it needs to access it.

Many thanks to this blog for the inspiration: https://itinlegal.wordpress.com/2017/09/09/psa-locating-badcorrupt-registry-pol-files/

Note: If you are using 2Pint StifleR - you don't need this CI as the StifleR agent performs this very same function!

Keep them Policies rolling folks!