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Create Date March 21, 2017
Last Updated June 10, 2018

TriggerHappy.exe is a  .NET executable that can set the Microsoft ConfigMgr Content Transfer Manager Client Data reporting interval. This is the interval at which Content Transfer Manager will send up aggregated Client Data Sources information to the SCCM site. It's used for those shiny BranchCache & Peer Cache Client Data dashboards and reports. The default is 24 hours, so if you don't want to wait that long, this is the shizzle.

Usage: TriggerHappy.exe nn  Where nn is the desired interval (in minutes) for CTM to hoof up the data.

TriggerHappy.exe with no switches - shows the help screen 🙂

Known Issues:

TriggerHappy.exe /? will crash it. Sorry!

Currently accepts negative values due to complete lack of argument validation. Sorry again

It has to restart the ccmexec service for this to take effect so bear this in mind too:


DISCLAIMER: Obviously if you set this to a really small interval on your production environment of 2 bazillion clients, you will generate a bucket load of unwanted  network traffic, so go easy! This shim is for testing purposes only - and if it breaks anything, it was deffo your fault and not ours.

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