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Cost Reduction Campaign! Real-time network and bandwidth management: Modernize & Save with 2Pint Software and Microsoft 
Say goodbye to your legacy 3rd-party bandwidth solution and embrace the future and join our customers who have lowered their budget impact by up to 60% by switching to 2Pint Software! 

Key features: 
Microsoft Technologies: Harness the power of Microsoft Peer-to-Peer technologies (BranchCache/BITs, PeerCache/BITs and Delivery Optimization) with 2Pint StifleR
Seamless Extension: with any systems management solution, cloud or on-premise
Bandwidth Throttling: StifleR delivers bandwidth throttling for Delivery Optimization helping customers get to Modern
Visualized Cache Management: Gain insights into content storage with our intuitive cache management to accelerate your OS deployment
Location Data Ingestion: Real-time network and location data for ease of device break fix for field techs, engineering and the service desk 
Dashboard-enabled Remote Assistance: for troubleshooting and optimizing peering and Windows 11 builds
Real-time Analytics: Real-time analytics for OS deployment, network, application, and bandwidth for Intune and Configuration Manager
Our Solution: Replace and take the journey to Modern 
Make the switch to 2Pint Software for innovation, continuous development, and cost reduction. 2Pint Software are a technology-first company, passionate about supporting our customers and community. As part of our commitment, we provide our software for free to organizations dedicated to community, government and not-for-profit. 
2Pint Software Campaign
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