Windows 10 (and Server 2016) now has the built-in ability to transfer content completely in the background using only unused bandwidth


Low Extra Delay Background Transport (LEDBaT) is a way to transfer data in the background quickly,  without clogging the network.
It’s been around for some years now, and most famously used by BitTorrent (in their P2P content transfers) and Apple ( in their Software Update infrastructure). Now adopted and enhanced by Microsoft – who are calling their implementation LEDBaT++ as they have added some bling, it’s a bit of a game changer in the world of Content Delivery and Bandwidth Management. Here’s a short movie of LEDBaT in action..
The MS blurb on LEDBAT
Windows LEDBAT is implemented as a Windows TCP Congestion Control Module (CCM). Windows LEDBAT transfers data in the background and does not interfere with other TCP connections. LEDBAT does this by only consuming unused bandwidth. When LEDBAT detects increased latency that indicates other TCP connections are consuming bandwidth it reduces its own consumption to prevent interference. When the latency decreases again LEDBAT ramps up and consumes the unused bandwidth.

So the above – in a nutshell, is how it works. Excited yet?

What LEDBAT means for you

  • LEDBAT++ is only implemented in Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016.
  • Currently only implemented via Approved Partners (ahem! 2Pint Software)
  • Already in use in for certain Windows components.
  • But! 2Pint Software is a LEDBaT TAP Partner and have been working with the Windows Networking guys on the best way to make this awesome tech available to the mainstream. It’s coming to a network near you 🙂

Use Cases

We’ve been testing LEDBAT++ in various scenarios, and the results are pretty cool:

  • Works with BITS – no need to use throttling or policy, so ideal for ConfigMgr Distribution Points
  • Perfect for ConfigMgr Site to Site transfers (Site to DP Content transfers for example)
  • Works with Uploads/Downloads – for ConfigMgr, think Inventory uploads and policy downloads
  • Amazing for all kinds of Azure resources – Cloud DP’s etc.
  • WSUS Scan cycle/catalog download – IIS will thank you for LEDBaT!
  • And of course, it is fully integrated into an upcoming release of StifleR

Want to know more?

This is a nice writeup on how one customer is already using LEDBAT to manage ConfigMgr traffic (with our help)

Also, our very own Mr H did a ripping session at Ignite which includes LEDBAT and more – take a look

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